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Special Deep Throat Brinell hardness Testing Machine with Fixed Table - Texmaco Type

Deep Throat Brinell Hardness Testing Machines With Roller Conveyor

  • The machine has a heavy,robust,C-type load frame & has been designed for production testing of heavy components for Brinell hardness value. This machine is suitable for foundries, engineering industry, forging plants, automobile industries, on production line.
  • Load stages - 750 kgf and 3000 kgf.
  • Since most of the operations are fast and automatic, the test speed is high with less operator fatigue.
  • A roller conveyor type sliding heavy table (base) for taking impression.
  • Computerized model is available .Computerized model has built in CCD and suitable advanced software. Hardness will be displayed on computer monitor automatically. Results printout can be taken.
  • Accuracy conforming to IS:2281.

The importance of Brinell Hardness Testing need not be over emphasized. But the conventional machines have following limitations

  • Heavy jobs cannot be accommodated because of smaller vertical height & throat.
  • Capacity to take heavy jobs is also less.
  • Difficulties in Loading & positioning of job for different test points.

To overcome these difficulties, a special machine has been designed and developed by us. Besides the machine operation is automatic thereby substantially reducing the cycle time. The push button operation is user friendly without causing any fatigue. The roller conveyor facilitates handling of heavier jobs.

The Major technical specifications are
Vertical Height x Throat 610 x 619 mm
Ram Speed
Downward Stroke 600 mm/min.
Upward Stroke 1800 mm/min
Roller table 1000 mm x
Cross travel of roller table 600 mm
Job weight 500 kg (can be enhanced if required)

Typical Operation
Push the ON button, Push the job from line conveyor roller table. Adjust the position of job. Operate foot switch. The indentor will come down, take the reading and go up automatically. Move the job for next reading. Take as many impressions in this way.