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SMH20 , SMH40 & SMH60 Digital Oscilloscope Meter Digital Oscilloscope Meter


  • Digital Oscilloscope Meter
  • Oscilloscope mode
  • Real time sampling : Capture signals at 200 MS/s in real time or 2.5 GS/s for repeatitive signal.
  • Memory length : Long memory depth of 125 k Bytes gives storage of minute details.
  • Auto set : Feature allows you quickly search and display for signals, adjust vertical attenuators,time base speed, triggering for optimum display.
  • Automatic and Cursor measurements : As many as 22 measurements can be done automatically just by selecting the parameter. Simultenously four measurements can be displayed.
  • Unlimited storage on USB stick : When you pick up some signal, it can be stored for ever, use of USB stick (memory ) gives unlimited media for storage and transfer to permanent media like PC, CDs etc.
  • FFT : In modern days applications instruments use complex signals, and needs FFT analysis.
  • SMH40 and SMH60 offer this feature for on the spot solution for analyzing test signals.
  • Digital Multimeter mode
  • True RMS measurements : These instruments offer true rms readings for correct analysis of the measurements of ac parameters.
  • Auto range : Fully autoranging while measuring all the parameters to appropriate selection of ranges.
  • Extended parameters : Apart from DMM standard functions, other auxiliary parameters can also be measured using optional external sensor like temperature, current, humidity and pressure.
  • Data Logger mode
  • The SMH series allows you to record data for DMM parameters.