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Indoor Air Quality Meters

FLUKE-971 Compact & Lightweight Temperature- Humity Meter : Simple & Easy to use tool for HVAC & IAQ professionals

  • Temp range : -20 to 60 degC (-4 to 140 degF), Resoulution - 0.1 degC, measure dew point & wet bulb
  • Relative Humidity range : 5% to 95% RH
  • Simultaneous measurement of Temperature & Humidity
  • Min,Max,Avg data hold, 99 storage capacity, Dual reading backlit display, Low battery indicator
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FLUKE-922 Airflow Meter - measure pressure, velocity, air flow with a single rugged tool

  • Provides differential and static pressure, air velocity and flow readings
  • Rugged design built for field use
  • Bright, backlit display for clear viewing in all environments
  • Min/Max/Average/Hold functions for easy data analysis, Auto power off for saving battery life
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FLUKE-CO2-20 Carbon Monoxide Meter makes it easy to take quick and accurate measurements of CO levels

  • A large, backlit LCD display shows CO levels from 0 to 1000 PPM
  • Latest generation of electrochemical sensor detects with Automatic sensor zeroing and self-test upon startup
  • Responds very quickly to ambient change in carbon monoxide concentration without the use of a pump
  • Beeper triggers with increasing frequency as CO levels rise.
  • The MAX Hold function stores and displays the maximum CO level.
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FLUKE-RLD2 UV Refrigerant leak Detector Flashlight

  • Six UV LEDs (395 nm wavelength) detect leak detection dyes
  • Laser pointer clearly locates center of the UV field for accuracy
  • Four operating modes: flashlight, UV light, laser light, UV/laser light combination
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