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Transverse Testing for Rails

Transverse Testing Machines For Rails Upto 200 Tons ( FCT- 2000, FCT- C-2000 )

  • Specially designed to test rails for transverse / bending type of load.
  • To test the weld joints of rails for bending strength.
  • Extra accessories for compression, shear testing , load- stabilizer can be provided at extra cost.
  • Maximum capacity is upto 200 tons ( 2000 k N ).
  • Computerized model is available .Computerized model has load - elongation/deflection display on monitor with graph. Results printout can be taken.
  • Loading accuracy well within ±1%, conforms to IS:1828 / BS:1610.

Applicability And Range Of Application

This special type of Testing Machine FCT-2000 is mainly designed to facilitate the user to test rails for transverse/bending type of load. It is often necessary to test the weld joints of rails for bending strength. This can be achieved with this machine by laying the rail on two bending supports and applying a load with bending pane at the welded joint, till it breaks or covers the required deflection in bending.

By using extra accessories, if ordered separately many other tests like compression, shear etc can be conducted with this machine. The load stabilizer, if ordered separately, enables tests of constant load. The machine meets the accuracy requirements of IS 1828-1975.

Technical Specifications

Maximum capacity (kN)
Measuring Range (kN)
(one only) (Tons)
Least Count (kN)
Accuracy of load indication ± 1 % of indicated load from 400 kN (40Ton) to 2000kN (200Ton) as per IS 1828-1975  & within ±4 kN (0.4T) below  400kN (40Ton).
Clearance for compression Test with fully ascended Piston (mm) 300
Maximum size of test piece For transverse test (mm) 200 Wide  x  200  Height
Clearance between columns in the longitudional  direction (mm) 535
Bending Span (distance between supports) (mm)
Adjustable in 9 steps of 50mm each from 850 to 1250 mm.
Diameter of support roller (mm) 40
Diameter of bending pane (mm) 45
Height of support roller top from Base (mm) 80
Width of support rollers (mm) 200
Ram Stroke (mm) 100
Max. straining speed at no load (mm/min) 50
Least count of elongation Indicator (mm) 1
Compression plates of dia (extra Accessory) (mm) 160
HP of Motor for hydraulic pump 5
Power supply 3 ph, 440V, 50 Hz, A.C.