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Electronic Extensometer

Electronic Extensometers ( Model : FEE-5 )

  • This instrument is to be used on Tensile or Universal testing machines to find out Proof stress & Young's modulus values.
  • In case of many brittle materials such as high carbon steels, alloy steels, light aluminium & magnesium alloys, it is difficult to get yield values. For such materials stress corresponding to a certain allowable amount of plastic deformation is termed as proof stress say 0.1% or 0.2% proof stress.
  • The measuring range is upto 5mm & resolution is 0.001mm.
  • Standard two fixed gauge lengths of 25 & 50 mm is provided. Different sizes gauge lengths can also be given at an additional cost.
  • If this extensometer is ordered with a computerized UTM, then a special menu driven application software is provided, which accepts load & extension values, & evaluates proof stress values.
  • The measurement accuracy satisfies all requirements of class-I as per IS:12872-1990.

Technical Specifications - For Electronic Extensometer-Model-FEE-5

Accuracy : Class 1 as per IS 12872 / ISO 9513
Type : Strain Gauge type
Out-put : 0.3 mV / V / mm. (approx)
Excitation : 10 V. DC Nominal.
Measuring range : 5 mm.
Nominal resistance of bridge : 350 ohm
Gauge length : 25 mm/50mm by means of extender
Resolution : 0.001 mm