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Video Metrology


Model No. VPP-ME 2010 VPP-ME 2515
X Y Work Stage
Size of Top Plate 404 x 228 mm 450 x 280 mm
Traverse: X & Y axis 200 x 100 mm 250 x 150 mm
Load Capacity 25 Kg
Z axis Travel 150 mm
Base and column Made of cast Iron
Video System  
Imaging Device 1/3 CCD video camera
Lens High Resolution Tele-centric Zoom Lens
Magnification Range 25x - 145x
Illumination System
Profile LED Array placed below
Surface Ring LED Brightness Manually controlled
Measurement System
Linear Measurement X Y Z Axis Linear Encoders 1 u LC
Measurement Software 2D Measurement Software with Programming
SPC Facility to transfer to Excel and make reports
Measuring Accuracy (3 + L/100) microns
Computer Latest Computer with 17" LCD Monitor Windows XP OS
Optional Accessories 0.5x and 2x Lens
Physical Specifications
Net Weight 110 Kgs 120 Kgs
Overall Dimensions 700 x 600 x 900 mm