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Dial Type Izod / Charpy (ASTM / EN)

Charpy Impact


  • For Charpy tests on various materials.
  • Strictly conforms to ASTM-E-23-1998 specifications.
  • Works on Pendulum Principle, Difference between height of drop of Pendulum before Rupture and Height of rise after Rupture of specimen is directly proportional to impact ene-;. absorbed by specimen on large dial.
  • Two hand pendulum release operation for operator safety.
  • Large safety guards on both sides of pendulum.
  • 'NIST approval of machine with samples from NIST, USA can be arranged.

Standard Accessories
(For Model FIT-300-ASTM)

  • Charpy Striker - 1 No.
  • Charpy Support Block - 1 Set
  • Specimen Setting Gauge (For Charpy) - 1 No.
  • Set of Spanners - 1 Set
  • Foundation Bracket - 1 No.

Optional Accessories
(For Model FIT-300-ASTM)

  • Self centering tong for Charpy test Specimen (useful particularly for carrying out tests at sub zero temp.)
  • Sub zero temp, bath with digital calibrated temperature indicator.
  • GO-NO GO, Gauges for specimens confirming following parameters within specified limits.
    1. Centre line of notch from both ends
    2. Angle of V notch
    3. Depth below standard V notch
    4. Cross section of 10 x 10 mm specimen.
  • Milling cutter for V notch
  • Lateral Expansion gauge as per ASTM-E-23
  • Standard Impact specimen for verification of machine from NIST, USA. (We also undertake calibration of machines as per ASTM-E-23 Including approval from NIST, USA)

Izod Impact


  • For Izod tests on plastic, electric insulating materials.
  • Table Model.
  • Conforms to IS 867-1 963 & BS-2782 Part lll-l 965
  • Works on Pendulum Principle

Standard Accessories

  • Izod Striker - 1 No.
  • Izod Support Block - 1 No.
  • Specimen Setting Gauge - 1 No.
  • Set of Spanners - 1 Set