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Temp. Indicators Non Contact type with Laser Beam

measures temperature without any contact with the objects of which temperature is measured. The laser beam is pointed on the objects. The reflected beam is sensed by the infra red sensor for measurement of temperatures.

Temp.Indicators is useful for in process temperature measurements, safety and fire inspections, marines, screen printings, diesels and fleet maintenances, measurements of temperature of inks, dryers, plastic mouldings, asphats, food preparations, etc.

RANGE, RESOLUTION AND ACCURACY -60°C to +500°C with accuracy of ±2% or 2°C. Resolution is 0.1°C from -9.9 to +199.9°C and 1°C for the remaining range.
-76°F to +932°F with accuracy of ±2% or 4°F. Resolution is 0.1°F from -9.9 to +199.9°F and 1°F for the remaining range.
°C and °F selection control is provided.
Automatic room temperature compensation provides correct reading without effects of room temperature variations.
DATA HOLD The Data hold facility freezes the last temperature reading on the LCD display.
DISTANCE FACTOR Distance to spot radius size ratio is 11 to 1.
DISPLAY 3 digit, 7 segment, LCD type of 12.5mm height. Negative polarity, °C, °F, low battery and laser icon displays are provided.
POWER REQUIREMENTS 2 pencil cells of type AAA. Auto power on and auto power off facility helps to conserve battery life.
SIZE AND WEIGHT 71.9 mm (H) X 39 mm (W) X 175.2 mm (L). 179 gms.
STANDARD ACCESSORIES 2 pencil cells of type AAA, instruction manual and carrying cover.