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SM901 30 MHz Analog Power Scope with Frequency Counter

The power full capability of higher differential voltage measurement capability , makes Power Scope SM901 , a tool one can be at ease when analyzing test signals in power line applications, power electronics, DC motor control, induction furnace etc. The SM901 is two-in-one , normal & differential osilloscope. It can display differential voltages up to 1000V , as well as works like normal oscilloscope from 2mV/cm to 20V/cm , with a bandwidth of 30 MHz , triggering well above 50 MHz signals. Equiped with digital frequency counter upto 40 MHz gives added advantage of quick measurement of test signal frequency.

Erognomically designed front panel, gives friendly access to all the controls. The product designed and manfactured with highest degree of control over compoments , process and testing. Undoubtfully, these features scores over the published scpecifications, gives long lasting performance over years.

" This product is also avaialble with NABL accreditated Lab certification traceable to National Standards at optional cost."


  • Two-in-one operation normal and differential mode
  • Differential inputs 1500V max.
  • Dual Channel DC to 30 MHz, 2 mV
  • Timebase 20ns-0.2s ; variable hold off 10:1, x10 magnification
  • Triggering DC-50 MHz
  • Component Tester , 2 level calibrator
  • Overscan Indicator
  • Digital Frequency Readout