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SM5035 20 MHz Pulse Generator

The SM5035 Pulse Generator is most suited for analog digital and logic applications in versatile environments. Pulses of varying frequencies and duration are available from its normal or complementary data outputs. A built-in-error LED indicates when pulse width is greater than pulse period. Output amplitudes are variable upto 10V (open circuit).

The impressive performance, ease of operation and low cost make SM5035 a favorite for a large variety of analog and digital applications such as testing, logic interfacing, differential input amplifiers and multiplexer, wide band amplifiers, or simulation of line drivers, opposite phase clocks and switching cycles.


  • Wide Frequency Range: 2Hz - 20MHz
  • Pulse duration 20ns to 200ms
  • Fast rise/fall time of 3ns
  • Complementary Dual Outputs 5V & 2V
  • Enternal, External & Manual Triggering